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Survivor engagement


SEEdS (Survivors Empowering and Educating Services) is a survivor participation project that gives women who have lived through all forms of violence, harrassment and abuse the opportunity to share their experiences to influence and inform a wide range of stakeholders.

The project brings together women from across South Wales and provides training, support and resources as well as a safe space where survivors can learn from and encourage one another.

The scheme works in partnership with agencies across the public and voluntary sector to provide platforms where survivors can have a voice to inform the planning, development and delivery of violence against women services, including domestic abuse and sexual violence.

“The current SEEdS project covers Cardiff and the Vale, Gwent and Western Bay. We are groups of women who meet regularly on a voluntary basis to inform and influence violence against women policies, planning, campaigns and services. We feel very passionate about raising awareness of all forms of violence against women and to this end engage with a variety of stakeholders including the Welsh Government, Local Authorities and other specialist Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence services. We meet monthly to share learning, discuss current issues and plan our activities going forward.”

Influencing and informing

SEEdS have worked to influence policy and practice across Wales. To date, this includes:

  • Speaking at the Welsh Government Cross Party Group on Violence against Women and Children from a survivor perspective on issues including the impact of welfare reform
  • Presenting at an event held by the Future Generations Commissioner and informing her work
  • Informing the Welsh Government Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (VAWDASV) campaigns and communications work, including the recent launch of Bystander initiative
  • Working with local and regional authorities to shape their VAWDASV services and strategies
  • Sharing experiences of domestic abuse and coercive control to inform training of specialist sector staff including the Police
  • Participating in focus groups and other engagement activities

Awareness raising

SEEdS participants are supported and encouraged to speak out about their own and other survivor’s experiences of violence and abuse.

SEEdS have worked to raise awareness about the reality of domestic abuse, sexual violence and all other forms of violence against women, so that it is understood, challenged and prevented. To date, this includes:

  • Being interviewed for news stories
  • Co-designing and creating a Welsh Women’s Aid awareness raising campaign
  • Speaking at national and regional conferences
  • Attending networking events to promote the work of SEEdS and ensure the experiences of survivors are heard
  • Sharing experiences of abuse at training sessions and other awareness raising activities

How to get involved

We usually recruit to the project twice a year, we hope to have our next recruitment drive in 2019. Details on the application process will be posted here and on our social media.

If you’d like to find out about ongoing engagement opportunities where you can share your views and get your voice heard you can join our Survivor Network at any time, see below for details.


Survivors Network

If you are a woman who has experienced violence or abuse we invite you to become a member of our National Survivors Network. You can register by clicking the link below.

Once you complete the registration form you will have access to various violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence (VAWDASV) related resources and you can find out about opportunities to engage with a wide range of services and providers. So, if you feel passionately about how women and children are protected and supported and want to contribute to raising awareness about issues that affect survivors join our network!

Survivors network


It takes strength & courage to report domestic abuse to the police & it’s vital women are believed & receive an effective response. When public services fail to safeguard women they must be held to account for their inaction Support @centreWJ action here…

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