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Supporting Young People in their Communities: Privacy notice

The following data protection details are for the ‘Supporting Young People in their Communities’ survey. The information below shows the full details of the data agreement, including how you can get in touch with us: 

Data use
Please be aware that, by completing the ‘Supporting Young People in their Communities’ survey you agree to let Welsh Women’s Aid collect and analyse the information provided by you. All data will be held anonymously and will only be used to inform our support and advice. Please find more details below.

Data Protection Privacy notice
Some of this information is considered to be special category or sensitive data under GDPR 2016 and Data Protection Act 2018. This information will be stored securely in line with the WWA Confidentiality Data Protection and Sharing Information policy. For a copy of the WWA Privacy statement please visit our website:

The information provided will be stored anonymously. That means we do not ask for your name or contact details. However, if you do share any personal information or names in your answers to this survey, we will make sure that this information is removed and not shared.

We will keep the information provided by you in this survey to analyse and report on the information we receive. The purpose of this is to find out what support and advice young people would like to have when they are experiencing difficult times, especially when they have experienced domestic or other types of abuse. This will be used to provide information for our engagement, policy and campaigns work.

The information provided by you will be stored anonymously (i.e. no names or personal details) and will be held for the retention period of six years. After six years, the anonymised information will be deleted but the statistical results will be kept (e.g. we will keep the report about the best places to seek support and where to get advice).

Please be aware that your data will be included in the statistical analysis, so it can’t be removed from the rest of the data we collect (e.g. if your  data has been included as a part of the statistics in a report, it cannot be removed after the report has been finished and published). However, no identifying information will be kept about you in the report or anywhere else.

If you have any questions about the survey, how the data is collected or held, or with so request a copy of your personal data please contact [email protected]

A disappointing & shortsighted decision. 1 in 3 women experience violence or sexual abuse in their lifetime – in Wales, that equates to around 530,441 women. Domestic homicide reviews can reveal where opportunities for support could have been offered.…

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