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Campaigning & Influencing

10 July, 2018

Step Up!

We are very excited to announce that we have joined the Women Against Violence Europe (WAVE) Step Up! Campaign, calling on governments across Europe to step up their efforts and make sure that every woman and child who has experienced abuse or violence has access to specialist support.

As part of this we’ve teamed up with Women’s Aid Federation England, Scottish Women’s Aid, Women’s Aid Federation Northern Ireland, IC Change and a coalition of other UK-based organisations to call for ratification of the Istanbul Convention – the most comprehensive legal framework that exists to tackle violence against women and girls.

The UK Government has signed the Istanbul Convention but they have not yet ratified it – which means it is not legally binding.

Key priorities for 2018 – 2021

  • Maintaining and improving services through adequate funding

Aim: We will create collective pressure and educate decision makers to maintain and improve funding of our services in a sustainable and stable way

  • Mainstreaming of the Istanbul Convention

Aim: We will translate and promote messages of the Istanbul Convention so they become commonly known and used, raising awareness of the Convention everywhere.

  • Improving VAWG prevention through involving young people in the  campaign

Aim: We will engage and educate young people about violence against women and girls through campaign activities and establish a small group of young people to become peer ambassadors for the Step Up! Campaign.


Our vision in the Step Up! Campaign is to have a feminist Europe, where all women have access to support when they need it, and young generations embrace and practice feminism.


The ultimate mission is to end Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG). As a European-wide feminist network, WAVE provides an interactive platform for exchanging knowledge, experiences and practices, and also primarily includes services that directly support women and girls, affected by VAWG. The Step Up! Campaign amplifies the voices of all women and girls who experience VAWG, aims to improve and increase support services for them, and it also works towards raising general awareness about the omnipresence of VAWG in order to end it.

Want to get involved?

1. Sign the petition.

2. Become a WAVE Step Up! Youth Ambassador here.

The WAVE Network is looking for young and committed individuals to join a group of youth ambassadors. The Step Up! Campaign is a Europe-wide project of the WAVE Network, aiming at increasing efforts to stop violence against women, raising awareness of the issue and protecting survivors of violence against women and girls.

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