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26 November, 2014

Stories Of Hope And Survival Day Three

You scream at me
I start to shake
I’ve seen that look before
I’ve cooked your dinner
The way you like it
The house is clean and quiet
What have I done to make you angry?
Have I not tried to be good?
I don’t understand
Please don’t hit me
I will try harder
honestly I will
please don’t awhhhhhh.

I love you
I really do he shouts,
But you just won’t listen
If only you would do as I ask,
I wouldn’t have to give you such a clout
To make you show some respect,
To show you who is boss
It’s only for your own good I get no pleasure from doing this.
Get here now you stupid cow
let me break your spirit
so you will get too weak to ever leave me
I will keep you from your friends and family so no one will ever see how I mistreat you get here now I tell you, you worthless piece of shit
How I ever fancied you I will never know, no one else will ever look at you so be grateful that I stay
For tomorrow I will change the rules I made today


[Name has been changed to protect identity

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