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    For immediate release 20.08.14

    Welsh Women's Aid welcomes consultation on criminalising coercive control



  • New Young People (14-25yrs) Pack Launched

    Children Matter are very proud to announce the completion of the young People (14-25yrs) Pack.  The pack has been a collaboration between young people, our members and other specialist organisations.  It covers many of the recent emerging trends and issues that concern young people in their relationships. It is aimed at preventing abuse and repeat victimisation, as well as responding to recent changes in the definition of abuse to include young people  aged 16- 25yrs and recognising that young people aged between16-17yrs  can be referred to MARAC.   The  pack deals with issues such as:  Sexting, Consent and understanding what constitutes rape; pornography and gender stereotyping.  The pack contains a range of exercises, lesson plans and methods which will assist with informing and empowering young people to identify abuse and challenge  attitudes  The Packs are priced at £280 for non-members and £200 for members.   For groups requiring bilingual packs, there will be a charge of £360 per pair of English and Welsh packs.  For those groups who assisted piloting, the programme there is also a 20% discount available on first purchase.  Children Matter are now looking for groups who would be interested in piloting the 11-13yr Programme.  If you are interested please contact your regional CM Coordinator for more details and information on how to apply.


    STAR Programmes are developed by WWA Children Matter Project are Welsh Government funded.  Funding to deliver the programmes is made available through the CM project.

    STAR Programmes


    • The Programmes include training to deliver by experienced Children Matter Regional Coordinators
    • Ongoing Regional support and advice
    • Monthly Regional Children and Young People meetings
    • Outcomes (RBA) regional and national data which is also provided on a quarterly basis to Welsh Government.
  • Reaction to BBC’s ‘Murdered By My Boyfriend’

    Welsh Women’s Aid (WWA) would like to praise the recent BBC Three drama ‘Murdered By My Boyfriend’, a retelling of the true story of a young British women suffering years of domestic abuse who is eventually murdered by her partner in front of their young daughter.


  • Welsh Women's Aid support Supreme Court bid to hold police accountable for fatal failures in assisting domestic violence victims

    This week the Supreme Court hears a landmark appeal about domestic violence, fatal violence against women and police accountability.  The Supreme Court has granted permission to Welsh Women's Aid (WWA) to intervene in the case. 


  • Minister for Housing and North Wales PCC visit North Wales refuge

    On June 5th, Carl Seargant AM (Minister for Housing) and Winston Roddick (North Wales PCC) visited the first self contained refuge in North Wales. 

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The average age of women experiencing financial abuse was 20.

YWCA Research, 2008.

Financial abuse occurs between two adults where there is financial co-dependency.


Cam-drin Ariannol

Mae cam-drin ariannol yn digwydd rhwng dau oedolyn lle ceir cyd-ddibyniaeth ariannol. Ceir llawer o ffurfiau o gam-drin ariannol, o wrthod rhoi mynediad at arian i roi’r holl gyfrifoldeb ariannol arnoch chi tra ei fod ef yn anghyfrifol gydag arian.  Mae’r camdriniwr yn defnyddio arian i reoli’r dioddefwr ymhellach, gan naill ai sicrhau ei dibyniaeth ariannol arno ef neu drwy roi’r cyfrifoldeb o gadw to uwch ben y teulu i’r dioddefwr ac amau eich gallu i wneud hynny neu eich rhwystro ar yr un pryd.


Gall cam-drin ariannol gynnwys:

·        eich atal rhag cael neu gadw swydd

·        gwrthod rhoi digon o arian i chi i gadw’r tŷ

·        eich gorfodi i gyfrif am bob ceiniog a wariwyd

·        gwrthod rhoi mynediad at lyfr sieciau/cyfrif/arian

·        rhoi pob bil yn eich enw chi

·        bygwth eich gorfodi o’r tŷ gan eich gwneud yn ddigartref ac yn anghenus

·        cadw gwybodaeth oddi wrthych am fudd-daliadau lles

·        mynnu cael eich sieciau cyflog

·        gwario’r arian a neilltuwyd ar gyfer biliau/bwyd arno ef ei hun

·        eich gorfodi i gardota neu gyflawni troseddau am arian

·        gwario Budd-dâl Plant arno ef ei hun

·        eich rhwystro rhag gwario arian sydd ar gael arnoch chi eich hun neu’r plant

·        eich gorfodi i ildio eich cynilion

·        bod ef ei hun ddim yn gweithio ond yn eich gorfodi chi i weithio er mwyn talu am bopeth

Gall cam-drin ariannol gael effaith ddifrifol a thymor hir ar fenywod a phlant sy’n ei ddioddef.  Gall menywod a phlant fod yn gaeth i gylch o dlodi, gallant ddioddef o salwch corfforol a seicolegol, unigedd a theimlo nad ydynt yn gallu dianc rhag y berthynas gamdriniol.

I gael rhagor o wybodaeth am gam-drin ariannol, ewch i wefan YWCA

Cewch lawrlwytho taflen y Swyddfa Gartref ‘Domestic violence – financial control, emotional abuse’ (taflen) neu ewch i wefan y Swyddfa Gartref

Os ydych yn dioddef cam-drin ariannol, neu gam-drin domestig o unrhyw fath, cysylltwch â Llinell Gymorth Cam-drin Domestig Cymru ar 0808 80 10 800.