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  • WWA written evidence for GBV Bill

    Submission to the Communities, Equality and Local Government Committee regarding the ‘Gender-based Violence, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Bill’

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    Summary of WWA written evidence on the ‘Gender-based Violence, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Bill’

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  • Christmas Card Making Competition

    Too soon for Christmas………Never


    Christmas Card Making Competition for women and children in refuge and in the community

    Christmas talk is in the air once more. We thought it would be a great idea to encourage a little bit of Christmas card making activity for women and children in refuge. The aim is to gather a few of the best card designs from across Wales that we could get printed and then sell for fundraising. There will be certificates for the best artists, and chosen designs, of course!

    Would you like to get involved?

    If so, gather your troops for some card making fun and send the best two or three designs to me on the address below (or email good quality pictures if you can).

    We are looking to choose 5 designs overall, so get creative!!

    We will celebrate the venture on the website and on social media, so any cards you send will be put out there too. The cards will contribute to our activities for 16 Days as well, see

    Deadline for cards is the 15th October, so we have plenty of time to print and distribute.

    Get involved, have some fun, It’s Christmas! Nearly :0)

    If you would like any more information about our engagement and participation activity, or if you would like me to come along and meet with groups while they are doing this (I love a bit of card making), just get in touch.

    Please feel free to forward this email to anyone who you think would be interested in taking part.

    Sally Hughes
    Engagement and Participation Officer, Welsh Women’s Aid Pendragon House, Caxton Place, Pentwyn, Cardiff, CF23 8XE
    02920 541551

    Twitter: @WWA_Engagement

  • Exciting new engagement project!

    We want to develop meaningful ways for women and children to feel empowered, supported and motivated to share their experiences, in order to inform policy and practice. Designed with this aim in mind, our new Engagement and Participation project is about building relationships with women and children who have lived through the experience of domestic abuse or other forms of Violence against Women, or who have an interest as a stakeholder. The aim of this work is to be responsive to need, to build the confidence of women and children, and enable them to take steps towards achieving their potential, to generate greater understanding of the causes and effects of domestic abuse and other forms of Violence against Women, support capacity building with our members, and work closely with all stakeholders. We aim to listen to, learn from and value the involvement of women and children. We are keen to promote the benefits of engagement and participation, it builds courage, confidence, and skills. Our hope is that the telling of women’s and children’s shared experience is moving, and inspirational for others. We hope that the women and children who take part can see how their contribution makes a difference. We want to recruit women and children who are interested in taking an active role in consultations, media work, community development and awareness raising. We will begin building a ‘Voices Network’ through which to gather a range of voices. We will develop toolkits, guidance, briefings and training for individuals who take part, our members and stakeholders. Over the next few weeks, Sally Hughes, our Engagement and Participation Officer, will be starting to make contact with our members as she is keen to develop the programme with your input. If you have any thoughts or ideas, or would like to share any of the service user involvement work you are doing presently with women and children who are service users, ex-service users or in the community, you can contact her on or ring 029 20 541 551.

  • Male Ambassadors Project

    We are currently looking for high profile men to act as ambassadors for WWA to speak out against violence against women. If you know any men who you think would like to participate, or would fit this role, please contact Meg Kissack, Campaign & Events Officer;

  • Children & Young People’s funding campaign

    Welsh Women's Aid are looking to start a campaign for funding for children's work in Wales. We last carried out research in 2012 and intend to see what the national picture looks like two years later. We are busy collating data from our members, and aim to use the findings to campaign for increased funding availability for children's work across Wales.

    If you have any ideas, or would like to get involved,  please contact Meg Kissack, Campaign & Events Officer;

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The average age of women experiencing financial abuse was 20.

YWCA Research, 2008.

Financial abuse occurs between two adults where there is financial co-dependency.


Cam-drin Ariannol

Mae cam-drin ariannol yn digwydd rhwng dau oedolyn lle ceir cyd-ddibyniaeth ariannol. Ceir llawer o ffurfiau o gam-drin ariannol, o wrthod rhoi mynediad at arian i roi’r holl gyfrifoldeb ariannol arnoch chi tra ei fod ef yn anghyfrifol gydag arian.  Mae’r camdriniwr yn defnyddio arian i reoli’r dioddefwr ymhellach, gan naill ai sicrhau ei dibyniaeth ariannol arno ef neu drwy roi’r cyfrifoldeb o gadw to uwch ben y teulu i’r dioddefwr ac amau eich gallu i wneud hynny neu eich rhwystro ar yr un pryd.


Gall cam-drin ariannol gynnwys:

·        eich atal rhag cael neu gadw swydd

·        gwrthod rhoi digon o arian i chi i gadw’r tŷ

·        eich gorfodi i gyfrif am bob ceiniog a wariwyd

·        gwrthod rhoi mynediad at lyfr sieciau/cyfrif/arian

·        rhoi pob bil yn eich enw chi

·        bygwth eich gorfodi o’r tŷ gan eich gwneud yn ddigartref ac yn anghenus

·        cadw gwybodaeth oddi wrthych am fudd-daliadau lles

·        mynnu cael eich sieciau cyflog

·        gwario’r arian a neilltuwyd ar gyfer biliau/bwyd arno ef ei hun

·        eich gorfodi i gardota neu gyflawni troseddau am arian

·        gwario Budd-dâl Plant arno ef ei hun

·        eich rhwystro rhag gwario arian sydd ar gael arnoch chi eich hun neu’r plant

·        eich gorfodi i ildio eich cynilion

·        bod ef ei hun ddim yn gweithio ond yn eich gorfodi chi i weithio er mwyn talu am bopeth

Gall cam-drin ariannol gael effaith ddifrifol a thymor hir ar fenywod a phlant sy’n ei ddioddef.  Gall menywod a phlant fod yn gaeth i gylch o dlodi, gallant ddioddef o salwch corfforol a seicolegol, unigedd a theimlo nad ydynt yn gallu dianc rhag y berthynas gamdriniol.

I gael rhagor o wybodaeth am gam-drin ariannol, ewch i wefan YWCA

Cewch lawrlwytho taflen y Swyddfa Gartref ‘Domestic violence – financial control, emotional abuse’ (taflen) neu ewch i wefan y Swyddfa Gartref

Os ydych yn dioddef cam-drin ariannol, neu gam-drin domestig o unrhyw fath, cysylltwch â Llinell Gymorth Cam-drin Domestig Cymru ar 0808 80 10 800.