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  • Welsh Women’s Aid Welcome Supreme Court Judgment Police May Have Violated Joanna Michael’s Human Rights – Disappointed by Negligence Decision


  • Welsh Women's Aid Presents STILL WE RISE: Preventing violence against women in Wales 2 day conference


  • Wales and England's Women's Aid issue statement on 'Delilah'

    Women's Aid England and Wales issue statement on 'Delilah'

    Fri, 12th Dec 14

    Eleri Butler, CEO of Welsh Women's Aid and Polly Neate, CEO of Women's Aid Federation of Engand said:

    "We ask the Welsh Rugby Union not to actively promote singing the song 'Delilah' as many people sing this song and don't realise what it's about - it is a man singing about killing his female partner, and in England and Wales this happens to two real women every week. It's a well known and popular song, but its message is nothing to celebrate.”

    If you live in Wales you can phone the All Wales Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence Helpline (freephone) on 0808 80 10 800. You will be able to speak personally to a professionally trained Helpline staff member.

    Read the full statement here.

  • Day 16: Welsh Women's Aid, A Day in the Life (Director of Operations, Gill Owens)

    Welsh Women’s Aid: A Day in the Life
    Director of Operations
    Gill Owens

    Every day in this role is different.  Since joining Welsh Women’s Aid in June 2014, originally to manage the business and support its staff during the period between Chief Executive Officers , that being Paula Hardy leaving us in the spring and Eleri Butler joining in November, it has been a real privilege to work in this sector and with some incredible people. I have spent a great deal of time talking with both staff and our member groups, gaining an in depth insight into the challenges faced not only by the victims that we support, day in, day out but also of the continual struggle that our members face to ensure there is sufficient support locally to help women and children fleeing domestic abuse,  find safe refuge from harm.

    It has been a whirlwind 6 months and in addition to working with our wonderful team in our Head office in Cardiff it has been my privilege to work with our delivery teams based in North Wales.  Spending time in Wrexham and Colwyn Bay Women Aid has given me first hand experience of the incredible work all our members and providers of Domestic Abuse do year in year out to ensure service users and victims are given the individual support they need, and as for our incredible staff in the All Wales Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence helpline.

    During this 16 Days of Action Welsh Women’s Aid has released a Survivor’s story each day, detailing the incredible stories of individuals’ journeys from fear and abuse into safety and reclaiming their lives and it makes me very proud of this sector. 

  • Stories of Hope & Survival: Day 16

    Dear past!
    Thank you for all of life’s
    lessons you’ve
    given me.
    Dear future, I’m ready now.


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The average age of women experiencing financial abuse was 20.

YWCA Research, 2008.

Financial abuse occurs between two adults where there is financial co-dependency.


Cam-drin Ariannol

Mae cam-drin ariannol yn digwydd rhwng dau oedolyn lle ceir cyd-ddibyniaeth ariannol. Ceir llawer o ffurfiau o gam-drin ariannol, o wrthod rhoi mynediad at arian i roi’r holl gyfrifoldeb ariannol arnoch chi tra ei fod ef yn anghyfrifol gydag arian.  Mae’r camdriniwr yn defnyddio arian i reoli’r dioddefwr ymhellach, gan naill ai sicrhau ei dibyniaeth ariannol arno ef neu drwy roi’r cyfrifoldeb o gadw to uwch ben y teulu i’r dioddefwr ac amau eich gallu i wneud hynny neu eich rhwystro ar yr un pryd.


Gall cam-drin ariannol gynnwys:

·        eich atal rhag cael neu gadw swydd

·        gwrthod rhoi digon o arian i chi i gadw’r tŷ

·        eich gorfodi i gyfrif am bob ceiniog a wariwyd

·        gwrthod rhoi mynediad at lyfr sieciau/cyfrif/arian

·        rhoi pob bil yn eich enw chi

·        bygwth eich gorfodi o’r tŷ gan eich gwneud yn ddigartref ac yn anghenus

·        cadw gwybodaeth oddi wrthych am fudd-daliadau lles

·        mynnu cael eich sieciau cyflog

·        gwario’r arian a neilltuwyd ar gyfer biliau/bwyd arno ef ei hun

·        eich gorfodi i gardota neu gyflawni troseddau am arian

·        gwario Budd-dâl Plant arno ef ei hun

·        eich rhwystro rhag gwario arian sydd ar gael arnoch chi eich hun neu’r plant

·        eich gorfodi i ildio eich cynilion

·        bod ef ei hun ddim yn gweithio ond yn eich gorfodi chi i weithio er mwyn talu am bopeth

Gall cam-drin ariannol gael effaith ddifrifol a thymor hir ar fenywod a phlant sy’n ei ddioddef.  Gall menywod a phlant fod yn gaeth i gylch o dlodi, gallant ddioddef o salwch corfforol a seicolegol, unigedd a theimlo nad ydynt yn gallu dianc rhag y berthynas gamdriniol.

I gael rhagor o wybodaeth am gam-drin ariannol, ewch i wefan YWCA

Cewch lawrlwytho taflen y Swyddfa Gartref ‘Domestic violence – financial control, emotional abuse’ (taflen) neu ewch i wefan y Swyddfa Gartref

Os ydych yn dioddef cam-drin ariannol, neu gam-drin domestig o unrhyw fath, cysylltwch â Llinell Gymorth Cam-drin Domestig Cymru ar 0808 80 10 800.